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Our Origin Story

8 years ago we decided we had had enough with larger cleaning companies who cared more about profit than quality cleaning. Every company that we worked for was exactly the same; book as many homes as possible each day and week regardless of the impact to the customers. We were passionate about cleaning but being tied to big cleaning corporations was leaving us feeling tired and helpless. So, we did what anyone would do! We split off to do our own thing where we could finally give each home and customer the attention they deserved.

Now, we're Tellos Cleaning Company and we're proud of that name because it symbolizes something big corporations don't have. Tellos Cleaning means no longer stuffing 3-4 homes into one day. It means no more rushing from house to house and delivering a subpar cleaning experience. Most importantly, Tellos Cleaning means excellence; both for you, for us, and for your home and we're just happy our customers love what we stand for as much as we do.



Here at Tellos, we are a family oriented company that is passionate about making your home look as beautiful and clean as it did on its first day. Find out more here!

Head Office
Our Hours

We are a fully mobile company located in North Houston.

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 4pm
​Sunday: Closed

English: 281-223-3438

Español: 832-503-4835


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